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Osaka Beads and Cotton Pearl Collaboration Earrings

Japanese lamp work jewelry


I've always thought cotton pearls' luster is very cute and wanted to use them in my own work someday.


First of all, what is "cotton pearl"? I looked into it, and what a surprise,  It was invented in Osaka where I'm from. It was developed and registered as a trademark by SHINKO in Izumi City.

After knowing this fact, I have more reasons to make collaboration works using the original cotton pearl! To start  with, I designed this earring with bouncy Osaka cotton pearls.  Very light and cheerful impression.


Sterling silver hooks are used.(SLV925) Recommended for ladies who use silver earrings on a daily basis. This earring hook is one of the common sizes sold at jewelry shops. (If you prefer a bit smaller hooks, please choose the earrings using 14K gold filled hooks.)​

Glass beads diameter approx. 13mm
Weight approx.. 5g each

Made in Osaka Lamp work beads (Glass craft from the workshop in Yao City)

Osaka cotton pearl
Earring hook (silver 925)
Silicone Earring catch
Accessory parts (black)


Since these beads are handmade, the patterns and sizes are unique.  Most metal parts used are from Kiwa Seisakujo and Parts Club, major jewelry material suppliers in Japan.

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