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Tonbo dama glass beads accessory

Takashi does all the designing and processing, from firing the glass beads to creating jewelry, all by himself.

Osaka hair stick pink

Kanzashi Hairpins


Glass beads made with traditional techniques have long been popular as the main material for hairpins.​

The variety of gentle yet dignified colors of the Osaka beads are perfect for many hair colors.

Kanzashi is the accessory that stands out the most from behind. When wearing a kimono or yukata, be sure to wear a hairpin so that you don't look to simple behind.​

There are hairpins with hanging decorations and a large bead secured type hairpins. They come in various lengths and some are forked. Please choose the type according to the hair style.

Osaka kanzashi jewelry
blue Japanese hairpin
glass beads earrings SLV925 traditional

Hook Earrings / Clip Earrings


Glass bead earrings give people a calm impression.  After all, it is the power of traditional glass jewelry.

I use 925 silver or 14K gold filled hooks.

(Clip types are plated brass.)

clip earrings Japanese crafts
Osaka Necklace tonbo beads



 A transparent bead pendant that people can immediately tell it's an artisan jewelry.  Recommended for those who like large one-point jewelry.

Chain with plenty of length adjustment.  There are also string types which are light and comfortable to wear.

Japanese traditional glass necklace
Osaka Lamp work necklace


A gorgeous necklace made of large dragonfly balls.

There is a wide variety of items, such as formal items that combine Japanese and Western styles using cut glass, and simple items that are casual.

glass choker necklace Osaka
handmade Japanese glass bracelet



Even with a modern design, the unique power of the glass beads gives it a calm impression.

A luxurious glass bracelet that makes you want to look at your wrist all the time.  Under the sunlight and under the lights at night, it creates a different atmosphere.

Osaka glass jewelry bracelet
beaded bookmark hairpin

Traditional Accessory / Charms


Glass bead accessories are the first items that comes to mind for those who wear traditional outfit like Kimono.  For hundreds of years, men and women have enjoyed the cool accessories.

Please enjoy stylish traditional jewelry.

Japanese Kimono charms strap
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