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​Indication based on Specified Commercial Transactions

I pledge to operate the site of in accordance with the following.
Takashi Hirose, representative of Studio WAZA

■Privacy policy
● Collection and use of information
We receive, collect and store information that site visitors enter into our contact forms or provide to us via email. We do not share this information with third parties. Information will be shared with third parties when requested by legal authorities for legitimate reasons under the law or when necessary to report offensive behavior. The information collected by inquiry form or e-mail is the following items.
Mandatory items: name, e-mail address, inquiry
Optional: phone number

Our site is hosted on the Wixcom platform. Visitors' site browsing data may be stored on through's data storage, databases and general applications. stores your data on secure servers behind your firewall. Site visitors' Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are not shared with us by If in the future we begin to collect site visitors' Internet Protocol (IP) addresses in any way, we will announce the date on that page.

● About advertisements on our site
Our site uses third-party advertising services (Rakuten Affiliate, Moshimo Affiliate). We use cookies to display advertisements for products and services that are of interest to users. The use of cookies allows our site to identify a visitor's computer, but it cannot identify an individual visitor.

■ Disclaimer
・We are not responsible for any injuries caused by the use or misuse of our products, damage or scratches to the product itself, or any other direct or indirect damages.   (e.g., damage caused by rubbing against the body, clothing, belongings, etc., allergic reaction to metal, accidental ingestion, etc.)
・We are not responsible for any damage caused by purchasing our products or counterfeit products on sites other than shopping mall sites operated by us (resale, proxy purchase services, auction sites, fake sites, etc.).
・Although we pay close attention to the content of all content on our site (including blogs), we do not absolutely guarantee the accuracy, safety, or effectiveness of all content. We do not take any responsibility for users of site information. (Example: The restaurant mentioned in the blog has moved, or I got lost or injured when I went to a recommended place.)
・We do not guarantee the validity and safety of links to external sites in the contents of our site.
・We do not take any responsibility for products purchased through third-party advertising services on our site or services used.
・The content posted on our site is subject to modification, addition, deletion, etc. without notice as necessary.

■ Copyright
・The content of our site (site design, images, text, product design, etc.) is protected by copyright law. Publishing reproductions, similar products, or partially modified products without permission is prohibited.
・We do not own the copyright for some of the images used on the blog page of our site. As a paid service user of the Wixcom platform, we have acquired the rights to post images. All images on our site that are marked "provided" within the image are expressly by their copyright holder and are broadly licensed for use by third parties, and are not subject to any use submitted by the copyright holder. Posted in accordance with the rules. Each image has different usage rules and copyright levels, so if you wish to use the same image, please obtain the original image from the distributor yourself. We do not provide information on the sender's address.

■ Regarding links to our site
Our site is link free. No permission or contact is required for linking. However, links, links using inline frames, and direct links of images for the purpose of our disadvantage are prohibited. When you post a link to our site, we will automatically notify you of the URL of the web page where the link is placed. If there is a link to this site from a site that we deem inappropriate, we may invalidate the link without notice.

■ Respect for copyrights and portrait rights of third parties
In operating our site, we pay close attention not to infringe on the copyrights and portrait rights of third parties. If a third party appears in the posted photo and we deem it necessary, we take privacy protection measures such as blurring the face. In the unlikely event that we feel that the content of our site infringes on your copyright or portrait right, we will promptly investigate the facts with the person concerned.Inquiry formPlease contact us.

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