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Japanese bookmark handmade

Japanese book mark with 3 roles

Kanzashi Hair Pin


Kimono Obi Decoration

​Unisex accessory

​6 colors

cell phone charm made in Japan

Tonbo Bead Phone and Bag Charm

For Phone Case, Handbag, Keychain, Kimono Belt
Popular pair gift

​6 colors

Kimono accessory Japanese beads

​Natural Look Haori Jewelry

Ultra-light Haori Jacket String

Osaka Cotton Pearl

​Natural Wood Beads

​Unisex Kimono Accessory

​6 colors

Unisex Kimono Haori Jacket accessory

Designer Kimono Jacket Jewelry

Luxurious Kimono Haori Accessory

Moving Swarovski Beads

Unisex / Recommended Gift

​6 colors

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