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Japanese Necklace Glass Bead

Classic One Point Pendant

Japanese Lamp work Simple Jewelry

Easy Length Adjustment

​Gunmetal Color Black Chain

​6 colors

Japanese Necklace teardrop handmade

​Teardrop Glass Pendant

Teardrop-shaped Elegant Frame

Easy-to-use Glass Jewelry

Soft ​Black Cord

​6 colors

Artisan Necklace lampwork Japan Pearls

Osaka Bead and ​Cotton Pearls Necklace

​Japanese Tonbo Glass Jewelry

Collaboration with Osaka Cotton Pearl

​Gunmetal Color Black Chain

​6 colors

Glass Necklace craft Japanese pendant

​ Glittering Glass Pendant

​Modern Tonbo Bead Pendant

Cut glass beads move around

​Gunmetal Color Black Chain

​6 colors

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