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Japanese earrings marquise hooks

​Marquise Hook Earrings 14KGF

Osaka Lamp work Glass Beads

Stylish and luxurious look
14K Gold Filled Hooks

​6 colors

Japanese lamp work earrings pearls

Flat Artisan Beads and White Pearls

Flat Shaped Osaka Glass Beads

Freshwater Pearls

​Metal allergy-safe 14KGF

​6 colors

Japanese earrings glass flower

Tonbo Beads and Czech Plum

Osaka Lap work Beads

Japanese Style Czech

Fusion of Japanese and European

​6 colors

Osaka glass earrings 14KGF

Classic Royal Earrings

Traditional Royal Style

​Metal allergy-safe 14KGF

​4 colors

gold fish glass earrings

Goldfish Earrings

Fun Earrings with Swinging Goldfish

​Perfect for Japanese events

​Metal allergy-safe 14KGF

​2 colors

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