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Tonbo bead hair stick with Czech beads and Osaka cotton pearl

Lamp work glass jewelry


A mature and sophisticated design using luxurious Japanese Tonbo Glass, Czech beads, and Osaka domestic cotton pearls.


Recommended for elegant women who wear Japanese traditional outfit like Kimono or Yukata to events and tea ceremonies.

I stumbled upon Japanese-style Czech beads and fell in love at first sight.  The subdued shape of the flower crest and the gold-brown edging are the perfect fusion of European and Japanese.


Cotton pearls with a gentle luster were originally invented in Osaka. The lightly swaying cotton pearls give a fun impression.

Length14.5cm (decoration partapprox.7cm)
Bead diameter approx.17mm
Total weight approx.16g

Japanese lamp work bead, made in Osaka (glass craft from STUDIO WAZA Studio in YAO-city)
metal hair stick rod (alloy, antique gold color)
Czech beads
Cotton Pearls (SHINK Co.)
faceted glass beads
accessory parts (black)


Since these beads are handmade, the patterns and sizes are unique.  Most metal parts used are from Kiwa Seisakujo and Parts Club, major jewelry material suppliers in Japan.

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