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Enjoy the breathtaking views of Bihoro Pass in Hokkaido!


Location: 〒088-3341, Kussharo, Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami-gun, Hokkaido, Japan.

There is a mountain road called Bihoro Pass in Hokkaido, a lesser-known tourist spot. It's in between Lake Kussharo and Abashiri City, this pass stands at 493 meters high. On the last day of my trip, when I was driving to Memanbetsu Airport, I spontaneously decided to make a quick stop without knowing much about it, and I was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected breathtaking views.

Breathtaking Views from Bihoro Pass, Hokkaido

This Bihoro Pass is one of the most magnificent views among the natural wonders I've encountered in Hokkaido. To reach Bihoro Pass, you'll take the Pilot National Route 243. It's a perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts and those who love a good drive. During my visit, there were many motorcycle tourists here as well. Along the road, you'll find several lookout points.

Breathtaking Views from Bihoro Pass, Hokkaido

The mountain top is just a short walk from the Bihoro Pass viewpoint, and you can enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Kussharo and the majestic mountains. Fortunately, the weather was clear on that day, allowing me to enjoy a panorama view. I'm sure that the changing scenery with each season will be spectacular too, like the winter's snowy landscape.

Bihoro Pass in Hokkaido, Japan

If you're driving between Abashiri City and Lake Kussharo, this is a spot you definitely want to visit.

Meadow at Bihoro Pass

Scenic Overlook at Bihoro Pass, Hokkaido

Breathtaking Views from Bihoro Pass, Hokkaido

You can see Mount Io in the distance, with its billowing white smoke rising into the sky.

Sightseeing at Bihoro Pass

Photos of Bihoro Pass, Hokkaido

Panoramic Photo of Bihoro Pass in Hokkaido Japan

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