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Kiritappu Cape Travel Review and Photos

Updated: Oct 27, 2023


Tobutsu, Hamanaka, Akkeshi District, Hokkaido 088-1522

Kiritappu Cape Hokkaido

The first place I came to was the Kiritappu Observatory. From here you can see Tobutsumisaki Lighthouse and Cape Kiritappu. The sign says "Journey to 43 degrees north latitude..." Humm, sounds very deep.

Kiritappu Cape

Kiritappu means "a lot of mist". It is very foggy here. It's about 600m from here to the lighthouse.

Kiritappu Observation Deck

I drove to the parking lot on the side of the lighthouse and Cape Kiritappu and started walking.

Hokkaido Ocean

The shore is covered with bamboo grass.

Tobutsumisaki Lighthouse

Tobutsumisaki Lighthouse is said to be a lighthouse of love. I don't care this kind of cheesy made up back stories. There are many birds flying around, but they all look like seagulls. I wonder if there are Tufted puffins?

Kiritappu Ocean

I can see the observation deck which I visited eariler.

Tobutsumisaki Lighthouse

Basic looking Tobutsumisaki Lighthouse.

Tobutsumisaki cape

The path continues to the tip of the cape.

Tobutsumisaki cape path

It's breath taking. I'm happy to see the superb view from the morning. I'm glad the fog wasn't thick.

the view from Tobutsumisaki Cape

It is quiet. Only the sound of wind and waves.

Tobutsumisaki Cape

I've reached the tip of the cape.

the end of Tobutsumisaki Cape

There are several small islands beyond the tip of the cape. I can see a lot of cormorants resting. Cormorants can also be seen in Osaka, so I would like to see tufted puffins. Maybe they are on a cliff of an island with no people at all.

Kiritappu Cape walk path

How about the rare animals which I heard they are on this beach?

I stare at the sea surface and walk around, but I can't find anything.

wild sea otter

I was about to give up, but on the way back, I found a brown thing floating in the sea!

That shape must be bono bono...? I mean, sea otter?

It's bigger than I thought.

Kiritappu sea otter Hokkaido

Let's zoom in. It holds something firmly in its chest. It dives many times, gets shell-like objects, and checks them on its chest.

I don't know if so many of them are empty shells or this sea otter is a fast eater. While I'm staring at, maybe 5 min or so, this sea otter got 5 new shells from under the water.

I was so lucky to be able to worship the wild sea otter god in the morning. It was much more exciting experience than whale watching cruise in Rausu. I head to the next observatory spot in a super happy mood.

Tufted puffin

Tufted puffin that I couldn't see. In the manga Golden Kamuy, there is a story about a tufted pufferfish's beak decoration. The brown part will come off and fall off.

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