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Stone Wheel Review and Photos

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Hanasakiminato, Nemuro, Hokkaido 087-0032

Cape Nemuro Hanasaki

Kurumaishi is located at Hanasaki Port and has the Hanasaki Lighthouse. I wonder if there are a lot of flowers blooming because it is called Hanasaki (flower blooming)? I didn't see any flowers though. Maybe it's not the season.

Nemuro Hanasaki Lighthouse

This lighthouse looks ordinary.

Cape Hanasaki Beach

When you go down and look at the cliff, there are many small Kurumaishi (stone wheels).

Nemuro Kurumaishi Stone Wheels

These rocks are basalt. Depending on the conditions when the lava cools, it takes on an interesting shape. There is also a hexagonal pillar-shaped lava beach on the remote islands of Okinawa.

Under the wheel stone

Under the wheel stone

Side view of Kurumaishi Stone Wheels

Turtle rock

There is a rock that looks like a sea turtle. This rock has fine cracks.

Stone Wheels closeup

Nemuro Kurumaishi, a natural monument, seen from the sea. It's on a cliff, so we can't get close to it. It also casually appears in the popular manga Golden Kamuy.

Kurumaishi Observation Area

A trail has been built to the very edge of the water so that we can view them from below.

Yururi Island and Moyururi Island seen from Hanasaki Port

Two islands appear to overlap. The smaller one in the front left is called Moyururi Island, and the larger one in the back is called Yururi Island.

Why is it so flat? I'm really curious. I want to go there, but the island is uninhabited and there are no boats regularly go there. It must be a paradise for birds. I want to go!

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