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Todowara Review and Photos

Updated: Oct 27, 2023


63 Notsuke, Betsukai, Notsuke District, Hokkaido 086-1645

Let's start the popular Notsuke Peninsula drive.

It's a straight road and you can't go wrong. Large-scale scenery spreads out on both sides of the road. Route 950, also known as Flower Road.

Notsuke Peninsula Drive

My first stop was a parking lot called Narawara Observation Space.

What? Isn't that Todowara? It seems that Narawara is a place where the tree called Mizunara (Quercus crispula) is dead. And Todowara is a place where the Todomatsu (Sakhalin fir) trees are dead. Eh, it's confusing.

Notsuke Peninsula Narawara

Thanks to the local government for making the parking lot for the outlook. It's a little far away, but I can see the Narawara well.

When I saw the winter photos of this place, I saw people and deer walking on the frozen surface of the water. If it's winter, I'll probably be able to walk to the dead tree area.

Oh, deer are walking. "Huh? Where?" people were having difficulty finding them, but I could see it.

Narawalla deer

These deer were also in the photo. This photo is an enlarged crop of the left edge of the photo above. There are three deer in total on both sides. (two deer and a butt)

Ryujin Bay

If you go further toward the tip of the Notsuke Peninsula, you will find the Notsuke Peninsula Nature Center. It is a reasonable size two-story center. There is a Notsuke Peninsula information center on the second floor, so please stop by.

You can see the direction of Todowara from the balcony on the second floor. There are no tall buildings other than here, and the view is good, so you may be able to see wild animals. I saw a red fox at close range.

There is a trail called Todowara Sightseeing Trail. You can go to Todowara on foot from near the center. This time, I didn't go because I wanted to visit the Notsukezaki Lighthouse, which is further down the road. I think it would be more interesting in the frozen winter.

Notsuke Peninsula Bird Observation House

The road ends at the starting point of Route 950. There is a gate and the gravel road ahead. There is a large parking lot.

Some adventurers go to the tip of the Notsuke Peninsula, Arahama Wand, but I'm aiming for the relatively nearby Notsuke Peninsula Birdwatching Center and Notsukezaki Lighthouse.

The view from the Notsuke Peninsula Bird Observatory

A bird observation house is a small hut built for observing wild birds from inside. It usually looks like a log cabin, with wide windows that can be lifted up to watch the birds unnoticed.

Unfortunately, there were no rare waterfowl this time. There are some that look like ducks. Oh, there are a lot of Ezo deer here too. Can you see them?

Ezo Deer of Narawara

I will enlarge the photo. Can you see them now? This time it was a little closer than Narawara, so I was able to distinguish between males and females. It's a big deer herd.

Notsukesaki Lighthouse

I will also visit Notsukesaki Lighthouse nearby. Yes, it's an ordinary lighthouse. Not much to look at.

Sandy beach near Notsukesaki Lighthouse

Since I went to the beach side, I walked about 200m on the beach and returned to the parking lot. The beach sand is black. It looks like crushed lava. I see scallop shells on the ground here and there. Maybe sea otters or humans ate them.

Plants near Notsukesaki Lighthouse

The plants growing on the sandy beach were unusual to me. There are cute. I wonder what will happen in winter.

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