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Wakka Primeval Flower Garden, Coral Grass Colony, Ryugu Road Review and Photos

Updated: Oct 27, 2023


Sakaeura-242-1 Tokorocho, Kitami, Hokkaido 093-0216

Lake Saroma Wakka Nature Center

In the parking lot of the Saromako Wakka Nature Center, I saw a red fox for the first time on this trip. As expected of Hokkaido. I won't get bored here. Ezo red foxes are cute, but when you see them scavenging for garbage many times, they start to look like stray dogs.

Ezo red fox

The Wakka Nature Center is a fairly large facility. Since I arrived in the evening, I did not enter the center and started walking along the field road.

Wakka Primeval Flower Garden, Coral Grass Colony (Salicornia europea)

There is a colony of coral grass behind the Nature Center.

Coral Grass Colony (Salicornia europea) (Sea Asparagus)

Such a panoramic view spreads out 360 degrees. The contrast of blue, green and red is amazing! There are only a few people around and it is the best. I have never seen such a view.

Sea Asparagus

Coral grass is a plant that is resistant to salt, and its scientific name is Salicornia. I thought it looked like a succulent plant, but it seems to be an annual plant.

Coral Grass Colony (Salicornia europea)

It's like a red carpet. It is also good that the walkway is maintained so that people do not step on it.

Wakka Primeval Flower Garden

The field road has returned to nature in some places. (I was able to bypass it.)

Wakka Nature Center walk

Areas other than coral grass colonies are basically green. The whole place seems to be called a flower garden. Indeed, there are several kinds of flowers blooming here and there. It's not the kind of atmosphere that you might imagine when you think of a flower garden, where the flowers are in full bloom.

Wakka Nature Center

Is this plant a kind of rose? This tree was growing everywhere and had colorful red fruits. I feel like jams using this fruit were sold at gift shops.

Saroma lake Wakka Nature Center

A field path where you can't predict how far it will continue. Later I found out that the path connects to the street called Ryugu Road, and it continues for several kilometers. This time, I would like to go to the coast at least.

Ryugu Road

Aim for the rest area with a roof that you can see over there. You should be able to get to the coast from there.

Wakka's Sea of Okhotsk

Next to the rest area, there is a passage to the coast.

Sea of Okhotsk

Is this the Sea of Okhotsk? The sand is fine and black. I think it's probably made of broken lava. The beach is long and there is no end in sight. It's very flat and open.

Okhotsk sea fishing rod

Dozens of large fishing rods are lined up. I wonder if it's for big fish like bonito. It's not like there's a thread hanging in the sea, it's just fishing rods stuck in the sandy beach. What the hell is going on here? There are many things in the world that we do not understand.

Coral grass colony

The sun sets on the opposite side of the Sea of Okhotsk, so I returned to the coral grass area. There are no streetlights on the field path, so it's scary when it gets dark.

Sunset from Wakka Nature Center

I sat on a bench in front of the Nature Center and watched the sun set over Lake Saroma on the first day of my trip. It was a very fulfilling day.

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