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Mt. Inunaki Shipporyuji Temple Travel Review Part.2

(4) Appreciate the 48 Waterfalls

Mt. Inunaki Shipporyuji Temple

When you pass through this red gate, you will feel like you have truly entered a sanctuary.

This is a place called Shinbutsu Shugo (Shinto-Buddhist syncretism), where shrines and temples coexist in the same place, but Buddhism is almost the main one in this place. There are shrines, stone statues, and signboards here and there. This mountain has been a sacred place with a history of over 1300 years.

Large and small, beautiful waterfalls, and you can see many shadows of fishes. In the summer, I'm sure people play in the water downstream, and the autumn leaves season must be very nice here. I definitely want to come back in autumn. Having grown up in Osaka, I wonder why I haven't heard of this place until now.

Mt. Inunaki river

Inunakiyama is said to have 48 waterfalls. 48 is a number that people like to use in places with supernatural powers. My favorite spot since childhood, Akame 48 Waterfalls in Mie Prefecture, is also said to have 48 waterfalls. Inunakiyama is famous for its seven waterfalls (Ryokai, Tower, Benten, Nunobiki, Furutuki, Senju, Gyoja), and I'm aiming for Gyoja Falls next to the main hall.

There is a waterfall basin which looks like a really nice place to jump in. However, this is a place for people who practice waterfall rituals, so we can not swim here. (If you want to do BBQ, please go to a nearby campsite. I'm surprised to see this sign. Seems like there were people who did BBQ inside this temple ground.)

Mt. Inunaki river

(5) The origin of the name is "Legend of a royal dog"

The origin of Mt. Inunaki is the story of a loyal dog that protected its master, even after the dog lost its life. It's a sad story, so I'll omit it. Please read more on Wikipedia if you're interested.

There was also a large communal charnel for pets. Come to think of it, I saw some visitors walking along the approach with their dogs. Perhaps it is also known as a sacred place that benefits dogs.

If you follow the (kind of rough) road along the river, you will see the main hall with the principal image. When you visit and pass the main hall, you will see a big waterfall! (The photo shows the main hall, which is built on a cliff, viewed from the back side of the waterfall.)

Mt. Inunaki Shipporyuji Temple main hall

(6) Main Hall and Waterfall Ascetic Practice

This waterfall is the Gyoja (ascetic) waterfall. It's very big. The biggest waterfall I've ever seen for doing waterfall ritual. It's a pity that the picture doesn't show how big it is. For safety, there are many chains hanging down so that people can hold on to it when climbing and during their ritual.

This time, no one was doing the waterfall ascetic. This place is famous for where women can also do the ascetic. If you make a reservation in advance, you can do the waterfall ascetic for 3,000-yen donation.

Mt. Inunaki Shipporyuji Temple gyoja waterfall

After taking in a lot of miraculous negative ions from the waterfall, I climb further up the mountain.

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