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Mt. Inunaki Hot Spring Travel Review Part.4

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

(9) Inunakiyama Onsen inn Fudouguchikan

I didn't stop so much on the way back, so I was able to go down in a shorter time than I did climbing up. It took about 90 minutes from Highland Park Kokawa to Inunakiyama bus stop. Walking on the paved road instead of the forest road also shortened the time.

Inunaki yama hiking

I stayed at a hot spring inn called Fudouguchikan.

The room is spacious and clean. I can see the beautiful river from the window. Mayfly perched on the screen door looking elegant.

It is very quiet, and I can only hear the river flowing. This inn has an indoor hot spring bath and an open-air bath along the river.

 Fudouguchikan Inunakiyama hot spring

Dinner is served in the room, they served fancy seasonal kaiseki meal. It was good to have an overnight trip instead of a day trip. It's nice to be able to enjoy a delicious meal in a local hot spring right after hiking.

 Fudouguchikan Inunakiyama hot spring

After dinner, I was so full that went out to breathe some fresh air. It's only 5 minutes to the entrance of the approach to Shippouryu-ji Temple, so I went there again.

Oh wow, many stars! I could find some satellites. I can't believe this is Osaka. If it's the season when fireflies fly, it should be a fantastic view.

I came to the place where there is the very first shimenawa (sacred rope) on the approach. However, the other side of the shimenawa is pitch-black darkness. No lights, just the sound of running water. I can handle most dark places, but not here. As expected, here is one of the most sacred grounds in Osaka. At night, I could easily feel the power of keeping people away.

The next morning, I went to the temple approach again. In contrast to the scary night atmosphere, the approach to the shrine and the waterfall in the morning were refreshing. The way the sun shines is different from the daytime, so I was able to enjoy a different atmosphere.

Mt. Inunaki temple hike

(10) Muscle Dog & Slow Muscle (Inu na Kin & Yuru na Kin)

In the souvenir corner of Fudoguchikan inn, there was something that caught my attention.

A cute character-like dog? And a muscular dog hero? goods are sold. They are official characters of Izumisano City, drawn by the creator of Kinnikuman (Mr. Yude Tamago). Kinniku-man (pro wrestling comic) is a very popular manga anime from 90's that everyone knows in Japan.

Good job Izumisano City! I'd like Osaka City and Yao City to introduce characters like them who I can actually like. Their goods are also cute. They even have their Youtube channel. (The number of views count is low! Why? All city office employees of Izumisano City, please watch and support them! You don't know how lucky you are to have them.)

That concludes my review of Inunakiyama Onsen Village.

Inunakiyama Onsen / Shipporyu-ji Temple Photo Gallery

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