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Shiretoko Nature Cruise Review and Photos

Updated: Oct 27, 2023


086-1833 Hokkaido, Menashi District, Rausu, Honcho, 27-1

We shall depart for the cruise between ideal and reality.

The weather is nice and the waves are calm, so I'm expecting to see a lot of whales and dolphins!

Rausu Port

The blue and orange color coding of the fishing boats anchored in the port seems to have a meaning. Since it is close to the Northern Territories, it is said that it is color-coded so that you can easily identify what kind of fishing boat it is.

The positions of all Japanese fishing boats are constantly monitored by the Japanese government, and they are careful not to get too close to the Northern Territories.

It makes me think. Northern Territories are Japanese land, but Japanese government have to monitor own citizens so that we don't get too close to these islands from the fear of being kidnapped.

Shiretoko Strait

Heading to the Nemuro Strait at a good speed. The nature cruise spot is between Shiretoko Peninsula and Kunashiri Island.

Shiretoko Peninsula seen from the sea

Shiretoko Peninsula seen from the sea. It's not a scenery that I can see often, so I'm impressed.

Shiretoko Cruise Ship

A female staff with a loudspeaker will announce the direction if there are dolphins or whales.

She said, "There is a dolphin on the right side of the ship!"

She announces in an exciting tone. However, almost all the passengers, including myself, were like, "Where? There's nothing there."

I can't see anything, but for the time being, I press the camera shutter in the direction I was told.

Can you see? Above the head of the fourth woman from the right.

Something like a little splash!

However, as you can see in the picture, it is so small that people did not notice and not even facing that direction.

Shiretoko Peninsula Cruise

Kunashiri Island I saw for the first time in my life. It's an island which is close and far away at the same time, isn't it? This cruise has become a tour to look at the scenery and think about the Northern Territories.

Shiretoko Nature Cruise
reality in September

During the 3-hour tour, 4 or 5 announcements were made that there are tails of dolphins and whales could be seen. All I could see was a few splashes like in the picture.

The children onboard are sleeping or looking exhausted. Well actually, adults too. The scenery is beautiful, but it's really boring to ride a ship for 3 hours with not much to watch.

I think this is the reality of September. I noticed that the dynamic photos on the website and advertisements are all miracle shots of rare close-up encounters taken with an amazing zoom lens camera.

I should have joined this cruise around Golden Week when killer whales can be seen, or February and March when the eagle encounter rate is 100%.

killer whale
(Ideal) killer whale

For those of you who opened this page thinking that you can see amazing photos, here are some ideal photos taken by other people.

giant eagle
(Ideal) Eagle

Later, I heard that at the same time, on the other side of the Shiretoko Peninsula (Shiretoko five lakes), people could see wonderful wild life. On the course to see Kamuiwakka Falls, I heard that a group of bears were devouring the carcass of a washed-up whale. Next time, I would like to ride a large ship that breaks and breaks the drift ice.

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