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The Meaning and Effects of Purple Glass Beads: Handmade lamp work beads from Japan.

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

- Before we delve into the explanation of the meaning and effects, let's introduce purple glass beads handmade in Japan, Osaka.

These charming purple Osaka lampwork glass beads are a year-round favorite for mature ladies. The color purple is popular for its calming effect.

"Uwa Guro," also known as black glass, is one of the most challenging colors to bring out one's personality.

By melting it into semi-translucent white glass, it creates a sophisticated lampwork bead. When stretched thin, it is not entirely black but has a distinctive purplish hue.

These beads, reminiscent of the moment when black ink is mixed into milky water, are both calming and appealing to people from abroad.

To make it easier to remember, Osaka glass bead artist Takashi Hirose has given it the name "Cotton Purple" in contemporary terms.

- Meaning and Effects of Purple Color

Purple or violet is believed to symbolize spiritual growth and insight, contributing to the deepening of spiritual exploration and insight, as well as aiding in self-improvement.

It is believed to stimulate intuition and imagination, bringing forth ideas and inspiration when working on new projects.

Meaning and Effects of- Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads

Tondos, known in English as lampwork glass beads, are created using the technique of burner work or lampwork, where glass is melted with high-temperature flames. It is believed that the power of fire, harnessed by human intent, imparts creativity, vitality, and potential.

Purple is also said to have spiritual protection and purifying effects. Combined with the power of glass beads, they have been used as talismans and protective charms.

Osaka Tonbo beads artist Takashi creates glass beads, facing the flames while crafting them, with the hope of bringing happiness to their future owners. To all those who choose my lampwork glass beads, may good fortune come your way!

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