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Blue lamp work glass beads: The meanings and effects.

- Before explaining the meanings and effects, I will introduce the green blue Tonbo beads (lamp work beads).

A fantastic blue lamp work bead which looks like the blue earth floating in space.

It's a popular color for both men and women. It reminds us of the sea and sky, and is recommended to use in the summer and on sunny days.

It is made of glass called Ruri (Lapis Lazuli color) in Japanese. Ruri glass has been mixed with translucent milky glass to create a cloud-like look.

Ruri glass is very expensive, and its name is said to be derived from lapis lazuli, which is called the "strongest spirit stone." Also, the blue jewel is one of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism.

The priest of a shrine I had a connection with really liked this blue lamp work bead and has purchased it many times. I have been taught that blue like this has a calming effect, so it's good to show someone something blue to people who are feeling uneasy. The advice from people involved in shrines and temples is very profound.

To make it easier to remember, Takashi gave it a modern name of "Cotton blue".

- What does blue symbolize as a color?

Blue symbolizes calmness, strength, and sincerity. Lampwork beads are handmade glass crafts, not natural stones. Since ancient times, it has been believed that lampwork bead has multiple meanings and effects, slightly different from natural stones which are called power stones.

It is the favorite color of men and is usually the color men choose when buying for themselves. Even when purchased as a pair accessory for couples, blue is often chosen for men.

Blue is a symbol of sincerity as well as calmness. It's a well-known example that politicians wear blue ties to convey a sense of sincerity.

Studio Waza does not make so many men's accessories. However, men's bracelets, traditional accessories such as netsuke (strap charm), and haori cords (kimono jacket decorations) are very popular and often sell out.

- Meaning and effects as lamp work glass beads

Lamp work beads are made by a technique called lamp work and burner work, which melts glass with a high temperature flame. It is said to give creativity, vitality and possibility because the power of fire is used and formed by human intention.

Not only that, it has been believed since ancient times that sparkling glass has the power to ward off evil spirits, and has been used as a talisman and amulet.

The StudioWAZA artist Takashi makes lamp work beads facing the flames while wishing for the happiness of the future owner. I hope good luck will come to everyone who chose my lamp work glass jewelry!

Click the pictures below to see the meanings and effects of other colors of Osaka Tonbo dama beads.

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