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Nagashima Spa Land Travel Review Part3

(4) Hotel Nagashima

After checking in at the hotel, book a shuttle bus to go to the night illumination. You can choose to have your meal before or after the illuminations. We decided to go see the illumination first.

It doesn't sound so good to walk around for the illumination after eating buffet meal. I want to go to the spa after dinner and relax. We still had a few hours until shuttle bus leaves so we went inside the Nagashima Spa Land to check it out.

(5) Nagashima Spa Land is full of thrilling rides beyond imagination

I was given an entry pass when I checked in. Very easy access to the Spa Land from the hotel through the overpass. I can see the outlet mall from the overpass.

Nagashima Spa Land Water Park

Outlet mall? I didn't know this exsist here. My mother is interested too so we decided to go tomorrow. I can also see the Nagashima Spa Land Water Park that I have seen in commercials in the summer. Of course, in winter it's closed and the pool is empty. I can see several huge water slides. Someday, I want to slide down these.

The entrance is surprisingly small. (We are using a back entrance.) There are many rides for children in this area. I can understand why this park is so popular among family groups. At this point, I didn't realize there were so many adult rides too.

Normally, when you hear the word “amusement park”, you imagine 3 or 4 roller coasters, right? Oh, this is amazing. Overlooking the park from the open space, I am stunned for a while. There are too many roller coasters, I don't know how many there are.

Nagashima Spa Land roller coasters rides

The height and length of the ride are extraordinary. The super coaster (Steel Dragon) with a total length of 2,479m is located at a very high position, and you cannot see how far it continues. There is a torturous ride with the seats themselves rotating. (Arashi) The trapeze is also unusually tall. It is a scale that reminds me of Fuji-Q Highland, which I have visited before.

There are many high school students from Osaka in uniform. It must be a school trip. they look very happy (If I was a high school student, I would be very excited.) They seemed to have a free ride pass.

Normal guests like me can purchase specific ride tickets. (Come to think of it, the hotel was selling a free ride pass at a discounted price.)

Nagashima Spa Land Ferris wheel

My mother and I decided to enjoy the scenery on a giant Ferris wheel. It is very big and high, and I can see the sea. Viewing a giant roller coaster from above is also a unique experience. However, it was not open at night, so I can't come to see the night view. The Ferris wheel itself was a big digital clock, and I could see it from the hotel. Every time I see it from my room, I felt happy thinking, "Oh, I'm at a theme park."

(6) Nabana no Sato Illumination

The shuttle bus arrived about 15 minutes before the main illumination area opened. The guests are free to do their own thing for a while. The permanent exhibition area of the village is a different world from the daytime.

Nabana no Sato Illumination

The illumination of the large pond and the lighting up of the trees alone make the visit worthwhile. The illumination of the pond is programmed with movement, and everyone is very happy to look at it and take pictures.

It was the season when autumn leaves were at their peak, so the reflection of autumn leaves on the pond was wonderful. At a place called Kagami-no-ike, you can take pictures of beautiful autumn foliage that you won't notice right away even if you look at the picture upside down.

Nabana no Sato Illumination

There is so much to enjoy in the permanent area alone, so I'm excited to see what the limited-time main area will be like.

Nagashima Spa Land Photo Gallery

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