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Nagashima Onsen Yuaminoshima Part5

(9) Yuami no Shima hot spring

Since it's called "Spaland", I was wondering if there's a large bath. I came here with a vague image. I was surprised when I entered, it is a hot spring bath with a ridiculously full range of facilities. There are 5 open-air baths in the mockup valley. There is a realistic mountain stream flowing through it, and trees have been planted in earnest. The moody lighting is also great.

I don't see unnecessary things such as music box music or TV noise like a typical public bath. The individual open-air baths are large, have different temperature settings, and are arranged so that the open-air baths cannot see each other. Even the outdoor passage has heating equipment. There are rest areas and rain shelters everywhere, using high-quality building materials such as thick beams. There are huge stones placed here and there, and it looks like a real thing.

I thought this place is a landfill. I don't know if these huge rocks came from somewhere else or if they are fake, but they are of great quality. This spa is like an ideal Japanese spa which foreigners dream of. There seems to be a popular singer show at Yuami no Shima Restaurant during the day.

The next morning, before breakfast, I went to the spa again. In the morning, the men's and women's spa are swapped, allowing you to experience the other half of the area. The open-air bath on this side is also wonderful, but I personally prefer last night's side. Last night, there was more height difference between the open-air baths, and I really felt like I was in the mountains.

After the breakfast, we went to Hotel Hanamizuki using the passageway. For future reference, I would like to see the inside of the hotel over there. Besides, when I checked in yesterday, I got cafe drink tickets which we can use at Hanamizuki. Hanamizuki has a very high ceiling, giving it a luxurious atmosphere. If you look at the souvenir shop, you'll find souvenirs that you haven't seen elsewhere! I went shopping at Nabana no Sato last night, but I gave in to temptation and bought more.

From the official hotel, there is a shuttle bus to Kintetsu Kuwana Station via Nabana no Sato. I noticed there was a timetable in the hotel lobby. (Wait, there is a return shuttle bus, but no shuttle bus to pick us up? Maybe there was one? Unfortunately, access information is VERY unclear in this resort. It is better to ask directly by phone.)

There is still some time before the bus we want to board. We left our luggage at the front desk and headed to the outlet mall I promised my mother to go to yesterday. Oh my god, it's too big. When I saw it from the hotel bridge, I had no idea of its size. I thought it would be smaller. Time is up just by visiting 4 or 5 stores of my favorite sports brands. Neither I nor my mother bought anything here, overwhelmed by the size of the mall. If I had had more time to shop, I might have found something.

Since the time has come, we took the shuttle bus to Kintetsu Kuwana Station and headed back home. This was my first visit to Nagashima Resort, and there were many things that impressed me. I can see why so many people recommend it. Next time, I want to visit the rose garden and jumbo saltwater pool. This is the end of my review of Nagashima Resort. Thank you very much for reading.

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