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Nabana no Sato Illumination Travel Review Part 4

(7) Illumination Main Theme Area

The main theme area opened at 6pm while we are enjoying the permanent area. Even The Corridor of Light at the entrance of the area is not so busy that I could stop and take pictures. During the day, we were only able to enter up to the entrance of this gate of light, so the world beyond was completely unknown.

Nabana No Sato The Corridor of Light

It's amazing to think that each small flowers LED light makes this long tunnel. The crescent moon which I can see between the lights makes the illumination even more fantastic.

Nabana No Sato The Corridor of Light

After passing through the tunnel of light, I came to a large open space. huge! ! It is enormous beyond imagination. The theme of this year's season is UNKAI (sea of clouds 2022), and it is a majestic piece that lives up to its name.

Nabana No Sato illumination UNKAI 2022

A large amount of smoke for effects is used to express the sea of clouds. There are a lot of guests, but the scale of the exhibition is so large that it doesn't feel like there are that many people. A sea of clouds with an exquisite combination of lighting, sound, and smoke. It's a 5-minute loop that seems to combine the transitions of spring, summer, autumn and winter with the history of mankind.

While admiring the beauty of the meticulously calculated art piece, I thought, "Wow, it must have taken a lot of time and money to create this lighting programming." The construction cost of physically installing the LED lighting should be also enormous. "We didn't even pay the admission fee, but isn't this amazing?" My mother and I looked at each other in surprise. Since we are staying at an official hotel, strictly speaking, it's not "free", but "admission included". But we feel like it's free. The awesome Nagashima Resort is full of great deals, and you won't get bored from the moment you arrive.

Nagashima resort The Corridor of Light

After passing through the cute cherry blossom passage, I returned to the permanent area. While watching the illuminated autumn leaves, walk towards the entrance. We have some time until the bus time for returning to the hotel. I bought a lot of souvenirs here to express my gratitude for the wonderful time.

(8) Buffet dinner at Hotel Nagashima

After returning to the hotel, it's time for a buffet dinner. As advertised, all-you-can-eat boiled crab! At the steak and sushi corner, dedicated staff will prepare freshly prepared food for you. Desserts were also delicious, and there were original cakes sold at the hotel's souvenir shop. The restaurant was not very crowded, even though the hotel reservation for that day was supposed to be full. There must have been many guests with their families who headed to the illuminations after having a meal.

Nabana no Sato Illumination Gallery / Video

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