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Enjoying (almost) reserved Shima Spain Village Part.2

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Shima Spain Village

The Nutcracker and the Ice Castle

I can see a large brown castle which I have seen in commercials and an area like the streets of Spain. Is it a big sailing ship over there? There is a ride called "Nutcracker" in front of the townscape. I don't know what it is, but I'm going to ride it.

It was an indoor ride where we went through the set decorated with many LED lights in order of the story. The target age seems to be low. Adults who are cool hearted should cool down more at the ice castle next door. It's fun to see frozen flowers inside blocks of ice. These two can be experienced quickly, so let's go back to childhood and enjoy it.

I wonder if the town in Spain really looks like this? As I said, I passed through the town.

I see a replica of a large sailing ship. In the building with the windmill there is a ride. I can see small sailboats departing. I don't know what kind of ride this is, but I'll try it. It looks like a ride with a view of the ocean.

Flying Galleon Ship, Don Quixote

Flying Galleon Ship, Don Quixote

No, not at all. It was an indoor ride where you ride a gondola in the dark and enjoy LED decorations and characters painted with fluorescent paint. The theme seems to be under the sea. It doesn't seem to have much to do with Spain, does it? It seems that it was an attraction called Flying Galleon Ship Don Quixote. Come to think of it, Don Quixote was a Spanish novel. I think it was a story where a man who can't distinguish between reality and fantasy, and went on an adventure thinking he is a knight.

A replica of a sailing ship

A replica of a sailing ship and the exterior of the Xavier Museum

There is a place for children to play in the water and a boat ride nearby. You can step inside a replica of a large sailing ship and get a bird's-eye view of the area. There are many spots where children can enjoy. Maybe it's crowded during the summer holidays.

The brown castle is the "Xavier Museum", and you can see that it is a fine museum when you go near. It looks like it will take a while to browse inside, so I'll watch other shows first and then come back.

Xavier Museum shima Spain Village

The next show is the "Spanish Performance" that will be held in a building called Piero the Circus. It was a solo show by a juggler who had appeared in a street show earlier.

Piero the Circus

He performed a variety of juggling and tricks, and at the end he entertained us with chair balancing tricks. Children who were unfamiliar with live performances were very excited because they could see it up close. There are many arcade games in this building. Kids would love to play inside this building.

Shima Spain Village Spanish Performance

Next, I will go to see the Spain Village character musical "Patio del Canto ~Dulcinea's Secret Garden~" at the Coliseum.

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Shima Spain Village Coliseum

Shima Spain Village Photo Gallery2, 2022

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