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Enjoying (almost) reserved Shima Spain Village Part.4

Hotel Shima Spain Mura is like a huge maze. The building is a large U-shape. If you stay in a room with an ocean view, the elevator is far away and it's a bit tiring.

View from Hotel Shima Spain Mura

Front lobby is very large, and there is a souvenir shop. The cafe in the lobby was closed this time. There is a beautiful courtyard, and you can also go to the outer garden where the pools are, so please explore it.

Hotel Shima Spain Village Courtyard

There are both an outdoor pool and an indoor pool, so I would like to swim here in the summer. It seems better to stay two nights instead of one night in the summer.

Hotel Shima Spain Village Pool

There is no place to eat out within walking distance of the hotel and the park. I have dinner at a Spanish restaurant that I chose when I booked my hotel. I can choose a Japanese restaurant, but since I came all the way to Spain Village, I should choose Spanish food here! I think children who are not familiar with course meals will be excited.

However, I like well-seasoned food, so I thought everything tasted way too weak. Obviously all the dishes are seasoned for Japanese families with small kids. Paella only had the taste of the ingredients such as rice and seafood. The customer service was good at the restaurant, but I will choose a Japanese restaurant next time.

A room at Hotel Shima Spain Village

I went to relax in the hotel's hot spring called Himawari no Yu. You can see the ocean and part of the park from the open-air bath.

Spain village is different from Universal Studios Japan, the population density in the park is low and you can relax. Next time I will bring my relatives with kids. I think summer is good. We can use the pools and the park will open late with fireworks.

Since I've come all the way to Shima, let's visit the famous sightseeing spots in the Ise-Shima area!

There is a direct bus from the official hotel to Ise Jingu shrine and Okage Yokocho Street. My mother and I also stopped by Ise-Jingu and Okage Yokocho the next day before returning to Osaka.

List and review of recommended sightseeing spots in Mie >>> (in preparation)

Hotel Shima Spain Village Photo Gallery

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