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Enjoying (almost) reserved Shima Spain Village Part.3

Shima Spain Village Flamenco Dance Show

Shima Spain Village Photo Gallery 3

Patio del Canto ~Dulcinea's Secret Garden~

A musical inspired by the Patio Festival in Spain. I don't know what the Patio Festival is, so I looked it up and found a lot of pictures of beautiful Spanish towns decorated with flowers. It is said to be a festival that began about 100 years ago, decorating the courtyards and walls of houses and the streets with flowers.

spanish patio festival

I watched the show without any prior knowledge of whether it was a show in which only the park characters appear, or whether there would be dancers and MCs. It's actually a big show with lots of characters and dancers. It has a gorgeous feeling suitable for this big coliseum. The story is about birth flowers, flower language, and annual events such as Halloween and Christmas.

Dulcinea's Secret Garden

An impressive show that makes full use of the large stage and sets. You will be surprised at the number of original characters from Shima Spain Village. The dance choreography is intense, and the show is longer than I expected. Everyone's physical strength is amazing. There was a character who continued to dance for three songs in a row, and I was impressed.

Patio del Canto

Flamenco performance

It's a little hectic, but it's time to watch a flamenco performance next. The venue is a nearby flamenco hall. Dance inspired by Spanish tablaos. I didn't know what the tablao is about, so I looked it up.


A tablao is a stage in a restaurant or bar where flamenco dancers often dance. Drinking while watching passionate flamenco will surely make you have more drinks than usual.

Flamenco Show in Parque Espana

This show is a dance show by a couple who appeared in the street show at Plaza de Cibeles earlier. There is a photo of 3 or 4 people dancing on the Spain Village website, so maybe it was a cut version for some reason.

Spanish village flamenco show

I had the luxury of watching in the front row. I really feel like I'm in a Spanish village. If you like dance shows, this is a show you don't want to miss.

Xavier Museum

After seeing all the shows I wanted to see, I returned to the Xavier Museum. It looks like a castle from Super Mario Bros. The first and second floors of the building are the viewing areas.

Xavier Museum

You can learn not only Spanish culture, but also the history of the European region and the life of Francis Xavier, a missionary who came to Japan.

The thing that caught my attention the most was the parade, in which people enter inside of gigantic royal family dolls and push them. There seems to be a festival where people are chased by angry cows and a festival where tomatoes are thrown at each other. I want to see it, but I'm scared to participate.

After entering the park at noon, I experienced so many things and got a bit tired, so I decided to go back to the official hotel and rest. The park closes early today at 6:00pm because it's off season.

Shima Spain Village Photo Gallery 3




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