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Castle in the Sky: Laputa was in Wakayama - Tomoga Island Part.1

Castle in the Sky Laputa

(1) There is a rumor that Laputa Island actually exists.

Ghibli Island? Isle of Laputa? A model for Laputa: Castle in the Sky? I overheard the existence of an island rumored to be.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind are my favorite Ghibli animations. These two works are full of action, adventure, and excitement, and I think many of you will like them, too.

If you search the internet, you will find various rumors. Moreover, it seems to be off the coast of Wakayama. Being an island is also mysterious and intriguing. Looking at the map, isn't it a distance which can be reached even on a day trip?

I can't live ignoring this mysterious island! I sent a message to some of my friends, "Laputa really existed, my father wasn't a liar!" The reply was, "I'm not sure what you are talking about, but I get it."

Then I looked for people who wanted to accompany me, in the end I didn't find Sheeta, but instead I found some British men with beards.

Castle in the Sky Laputa British muscle bro

(2) Location and access to Tomoga Island

Tomoga shima(island), also known as the island of Laputa, consists of four islands. There are four islands, Okino shima, Kami shima, Tora shima, and Jino shima, and we are going to Okino shima, which is the largest.

After going to Wakayamashi Station on the Nankai Railway, transfer to the Kada Line and go to the final stop, Kada Station. I didn't know about this line called Kada line until this time. This line is also known as the “Kada Sakana(fish) Line” and runs four types of trains called “Medetai Densha (happy sea bream train)” with cute interiors.

Kada fish lie

There is a comic (Shonen Jump+) called "Summer Time Render", and its stage is Tomogashima and Kada Sakana Line. Moreover, it seems that it will be animated in the spring of 2022. It's a sci-fi suspense manga, and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Laputa, but I have a feeling that Kada will develop further as a tourist destination.

After arriving at Kada Station, walk for about 15 minutes to Kada Port. Take a boat operated by a company called Tomogashima Kisen to go to Tomogashima (Okinoshima). Be sure to check the operation status on the Tomogashima Kisen official website before you actually go there.

There are no convenience stores or supermarkets in the area between Kada Station and Kada Port. Be sure to buy food before boarding the happy fish train. There are vending machines on the island. (There is a small shop called Rapyu Cafe in Tomogashima, which is operated by Tomogashima Kisen. You can buy a BBQ meal plan here in the summer.)

Tomoga island pier

After purchasing a boarding ticket at Kada Port, it's time for an adventure! It's a 20-minute cruise. I can see the island from the ship, but I can't see anything that looks like Laputa. Arrived at Nonaura Pier on Tomogashima (Okinoshima). I feel that this very strong looking pier is a bit too bulky for a small island. Maybe there is something large in this island...

(3) Seaside rest house ~Uminoya~

Most of the people on board seemed to be college students and looked like they were going camping.

Tomogashima's only campground, Minamitarumi Campground, is currently closed due to corona measures. (as of March 2023)

The four of us have a mission to find treasure in Laputa, so we don't have time to prepare for camping. We will stay at the only accommodation facility, Uminoya, with a plan that includes dinner.

Uminoya is close to the pier, so we stopped by for lunch and to check the place out. Unfortunately, lunch curry was sold out. Occasionally, a large group of water bikers (pirates?) appears out of nowhere, and everyone seems to order lunch curry. Oh well, we must eat the cup noddle and emergency snacks.

Laputa robot

OMG, there is a piece of that dangerous robot casually placed on the hotel lobby desk! Uminoya manager dude, how dare you leave important evidence of Laputa in a place like this. Did he already find all the treasures of Laputa?

Raputa robot and Sheeta freaking out

Ah, memory of the harsh battle is all coming back to me... (wait... did I fight?)

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