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Castle in the Sky: Laputa was in Wakayama - Tomoga Island Part.3

Remaining spots to explore

D. Mount Takanos Observatory

E. Small observatory

F. Naval Listening Station Ruins

G. Kosuke Matsu Beach

H. Tomogashima Lighthouse

I. First Battery Ruins

J. Meridian Square

K. 2nd Battery Ruins

H. 5th Battery Ruins

End: Uminoya rest house or Pier

Tomoga Iskand observation deck

(6) Take a break at two observation decks

D. Mount Takanos Observatory

After being overwhelmed by the mystical atmosphere of the 3rd Battery Ruins, take a break in the open space of Mt. Takanos Observatory. There are roofs and benches, so you can eat portable meals. You can see Tomogashima Lighthouse and Awaji Island across the sea.

E. Small observatory There is quite an altitude, the sea is beautiful on a sunny day.

Tomogashima Naval Listening Station Ruins
F. Naval Listening Station Ruins

(7) Highlights of the middle stage, Naval Listening Station Ruins

F. Former Naval Listening Station Ruins (Kii Defense Corps Tomogashima Guard Station)

The front entrance is not big, and the building is not tall. The outer walls are covered with rocks and the roof is covered with gravel for camouflage. Once inside, it's much larger than it looks from the outside. This feels like an important military facility.

This place was called "listening station" which was listening for the sound of submarines passing through the sea 24 hours every day. From the "Searchlights Tracing Facility" I mentioned on the previous page, officers were searching for the enemies by using search lights and at the same time listening the sound underwater from here. It's very interesting to think about how the officers lived here.

Naval Listening Station Ruins inside

(8) Kosuke Matsu Beach & Tomogashima Lighthouse

Kosuke Matsu Beach
G. Kosuke Matsu Beach

Beach with a big pine tree named Kousuke. If the tide is low, it might be fun to stop by and see if there is anything in the tide pools. Tomogashima Lighthouse is the eighth Western-style lighthouse built in Japan around the beginning of the Meiji era.

1st Battery Ruins
I. First Battery Ruins

(9) First Battery Ruins

Currently, you can only see it from above, but there are days when you can see the inside of the lighthouse only twice a year.

Battery No. 1, together with Battery No. 2 which I will introduce on the next page, were built to intercept enemies trying to pass through the strait between Tomogashima and Awajishima.

It is almost impossible to invade Osaka Bay from the Pacific side without passing through this strait. In order to prevent it, batteries were also built on Awaji Island, which is across the sea from Tomogashima. Even now, the battery ruins (Yura Fortress) on the Awaji Island side is preserved and can be visited.

Hey, what's that little round building!? Is this a secret control room that runs the castle Laputa? This is very suspicious; this building is embedded inside a small hill overlooking the ocean.

Laputa control room in Tomoga Island Wakayama
Laputa control room?

A place like this cockpit never came out when I looked it up on the internet. Am I supposed to put THAT stone on these three stone pillars? Damn, if only I had the stone... If only I had the stone, I might have met the treasure and Colonel MUSKA. All of us left the small room with an irritating feeling.

Muska Raputa

J. Meridian Square There is a meridian tower monument. The Japan Standard Time meridian of 135° east longitude passes through here.

More importantly, where is the stone?

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