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Castle in the Sky: Laputa was in Wakayama - Tomoga Island Part.4


Remaining spots to explore

K. 2nd Battery Ruins

H. 5th Battery Ruins

End: Uminoya rest house or Pier

2nd Battery Ruins tomogashima

(10) Last highlight: 2nd and 5th Battery Ruins

This 2nd battery doesn't seem to have any intention of hiding from the enemy. Directly facing the sea, everyone can see it completely from the sea. It was made very strong to withstand direct hit by enemy shells. You can easily imagine how strong the walls were by looking at the huge pieces of concrete lying around.

2nd Battery Ruins tomogashima

The sunset reflecting in the sea is beautiful. The red setting sun beam hits the ruins, and there is a sense of sorrow. I wonder what came to the soldiers’ mind when they looked at similar sea sunset from this coast in the Meiji era. We couldn't find the blue stone this time, but I'm glad we came.

2nd Battery Ruins tomogashima

You can almost see the entire ruins of the 2nd battery from both the seaside and the mountain side. Combined with the collapsing seaside concrete walls, the building is quite large. It is so badly damaged that it is impossible to go inside. The ground level is surrounded by new fences, but drones and selfie sticks are not prohibited, so it is possible to take photos.

2nd Battery Ruins tomogashima

However, I analyze that this collapsing state is not due to the erosion of the sea, but to the fact that it fell from the sky.

H. 5th Battery Ruins

If you have enough time on the way back, you can take a short detour to the 5th Battery Ruins.

If you are here for a day trip, head straight to the pier. Spend time on the beach or wait for the ship at the cafe.

(11) Stay at Sea Rest House ~Uminoya~

We returned to Uminoya rest house, our starting point. We stayed in rooms on the second floor, which were quite spacious. Each room has a balcony, and you can see the shore and the pier. A squirrel is walking on the balcony railing. Come to think of it, when I was walking around the island, I often saw squirrels and pine cones (AKA "fried shrimp") which the squirrels had bitten down.

peacock poppo tomogashima

I had some time before dinner time, so I interacted with Poppo the peacock. Eh? Peacock? Yes, Tomogashima has a peacock. When I arrived at the island, I thought I heard peacocks chirping, but it wasn't an auditory hallucination. I don't know how many there are on the island, but this Poppo-chan is a friend of the manager dude from Uminoya. Favorite food is cat food.

Dola eating hum

It's time for an indoor BBQ. A ridiculous amount of food has been served. (There was food other than what's in the picture.)


I sense, something is staring me from the fish's mouth... Is someone here? When I pulled it out, it turned out to be the famous dreaded parasite Uonoe, which "after eating the tongue of a fish, stays where the tongue was." I saw it for the first time. What you do is so messed up, but your face is cute. As expected of Laputa Island, there are mysterious creatures.

We ate so much, then we took a bath. There was a proper big bath even though we are in this small island.

fish parasite Uonoe

It's very quiet at night, with the only waves crashing sound. I like wandering around in the middle of the night, so I suggested a test of courage at the 2nd battery ruins, but my crew turned it down. The next morning was very refreshing, and we took the earliest boat back to the mainland. Next time I come, I'll sure to bring headlights.

I conclude, Tomogashima is "an island that Laputa fell down after being Balus-ed by the small lady."

I drop Laputa on Meridian 135 Balus
I drop Laputa on Meridian 135!

Tomogashima Photo Gallery

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