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New Year's Visit at Mt. Shigi san Chogosonshiji Temple Part.2

Part.2 Let's go inside the precincts. Lots of things to do (almost no waiting time!)

Chogosonshiji Temple

(4) You can enjoy the fantastic scenery of the precincts with lanterns without crowds.

Stone lanterns are lit. Walking through the fantastic landscapes. While there are few people, you can take great pictures.

Chogosonshiji Temple

(5) The area around the famous giant papier-mâché tiger "Sekaiichi Fukutora" is not crowded yet.

There are tents where New Year shrine maidens sell lucky charms. After passing through the torii gate, you will see the famous head moving tiger.

There is no line for taking pictures yet, so you should take a photo with "The world's best lucky tiger" as the illuminated main hall in the background. (after the countdown moment, it will be difficult due to the huge crowd.)

The place to receive the goshuin (red ink stamp) is just before this point, it would be better to get it at this timing.

Sekaiichi Fukutora

Walk toward the main hall while visiting smaller shrines on the way and appreciate various stone statues of tigers. You can step on the 88 stone slabs which you can collect the benefits of visiting 88 temples in Shikoku region. (The Shikoku Pilgrimage)

If you think have plenty of time left to explore, it would be a good idea to have a toast in this timing. There aren't many alcoholic beverages for sale inside the precincts, so I normally bring something from home. Quietly toast with your companions in a place where does not interfere with other visitors!

(6) The stairs leading up to the main hall will be blocked off by security forces to avoid congestion and ensure safety.

You will arrive at the square in front of the large staircase leading up to the main hall. You should arrive here around 11:30. You can use cleansing water here.

Shigi san Chogosonshiji Temple

They sell omikuji (a fortune-telling slip) in small figurines of the zodiac, so you might want to give it a try. This year, of course, it was a cute tiger. You can bring it home and decorate it on your front door. It is better not to buy bulky items such as arrows of exorcism yet.

There are police officers. If they start moving the red colored cones, you need to hurry and go up the stairs to the main hall. In order to avoid dangerous congestion, the passage will be blocked for a while. Once it's closed, the stairs cannot be climbed until the people who have finished the countdown at the main hall begin to come down.

An even more special moment awaits those who join the New Year group at the main hall.

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