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New Year's Greetings: New Year's Visit at Mt. Shigi san Chogosonshiji Temple Part.5

Part. 5 (There is a gallery and video at the bottom)

A friend who came here for the first time said, "This is the first New Year's visit with such entertainment." I was happy to hear that since I felt like my hometown (strictly speaking, it's different because it's in Nara prefecture) was praised. I would like to continue to recommend “Countdown at Mt. Shigi Chogosonji Temple” to many people!

(12) On the way back, eat New Year's Eve soba noodle and head home.

When you get back to the big red bridge you crossed when you first arrived, let's finish off with New Year's Eve soba! At this time, there are still few customers in the restaurant, so you can take time to eat. There are various kinds of soba, udon, oden, and Inari sushi.

To return home, just go in the opposite direction the way you came. There is almost no waiting time because the timing is set perfect for transferring from bus to cable car to Kintetsu train.

This is it for the New Year's greetings and the Hatsumode review of Chogoson-ji Temple.

I wish you all the best in 2022.


On the way back from the fire burning area, I bought some newly released sweets. It caught my eyes because the box had a tiger pattern and it looked somewhat modern Japanese. However, when I got home, I realized that it's actually a centipede! This design is genius, it can be both a centipede and a tiger pattern.

Takara Kasane Fukumi Tenbin

As for the sweets, it was very innovative. It was individually wrapped cookies and rice cakes, and you need to make sandwiches yourself. It has a complicated name, "Takara Kasane Fukumi Tenbin". Mt. Shigi Chogoson-ji Temple and the sweet company Taneya in Shiga seem to collaborate. It was very delicious, so I recommend it. (It is also sold at Nodoka Mura village nearby.)

Shigisan Chogoson-ji Temple Photo/Video (Photographed by Takashi)

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